BDMS invests in CARIVA (Thailand) to advance AI-driven personalised diagnosis

Thai private hospital group Bangkok Dusit Medical Service (BDMS) has invested in CARIVA (Thailand), a Thai healthtech startup that forms part of AI and Robotics Ventures (ARV), to streamline health laboratory processes, analyse results, and identify patient risk factors by leveraging AI-powered solutions such as Lab Interpretation Solution to help interpret health data in collaboration with medical experts.

The collaboration aims to enhance preventive healthcare services, personalised medicine, preliminary screening for abnormalities, and data analysis from individual test results for effective and timely treatment, especially prevention from chronic diseases in the future which can be detected and prevented beforehand.

The investment furthermore forms part of BDMS’ Sandbox programme that aims to innovate in the following areas, hand in hand with the government sector, medical schools, and startups: disease screening and diagnosis, data analysis for service improvement, technology for work process reduction, technology for timely health monitoring, and technology for sustainable medical services.

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