CelcomDigi launches digital healthcare solutions for private clinics and pharmacies

Launch of CelcomDigi digital healthcare solutions

Malaysian telecommunications company CelcomDigi Berhad has introduced a Digital Healthcare Bundle designed to support private clinics and pharmacies in Malaysia in their digitalisation efforts through the Geran Digital PMKS Madani (GDPM) government grant. This grant aims to assist SMEs in enhancing their digitalisation practices within their daily business operations.

The CelcomDigi Digital Healthcare Bundle enables private clinics and pharmacies to select their preferred mobile or fibre internet connectivity plan in combination with digital healthcare solutions such as patient flow management system, remote health monitoring and teleconsultation, virtual clinic listing, and others.

Qualified private clinics and pharmacies are eligible for a matching grant of 50% or up to RM 5,000 for the initial 12 months. CelcomDigi will oversee the grant application process, handling all necessary registrations and assisting private clinics and pharmacies in adopting the selected healthcare solutions.

The initiative is supported by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and the Malaysian Medical Association, aiming to accelerate digitalisation within Malaysia’s healthcare sector.

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