Doc2Home to deliver smart healthcare services to Johor residents

Doc2Home, the Malaysian digital health platform that provides personalised home-based healthcare services through an app, has signed an MoU with life sciences VC firm TF Capital Holdings Berhad and iCares Technology Sdn Bhd, which provides a property management platform with IoT, to provide seamless and value-added smart home and healthcare solutions to residents of Johor state in Malaysia.

The three-way partnership seeks to improve the quality of life and overall wellbeing of individuals through the incorporation of innovative technologies and enhanced service offerings. The initiative responds to the rising demand for owner-occupied homes, the challenges posed by an ageing population, and the growing prevalence of multi-generational living.

As a subsidiary of Malaysian e-prescriptions and digital health provider Doc2Us, Doc2Home operates by addressing patients’ healthcare needs directly within the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for travel and functioning as a personal health concierge.

According to Doc2Us, the trend of multi-generational homes, where both older and younger generations cohabit, is becoming increasingly common in an ageing population. A convenient digital healthcare ecosystem would therefore cater to the diverse healthcare needs of residents. Doc2Us aims to strengthen the overall ecosystem within residential communities by providing robust infrastructure and healthtech accessibility.

The MoU, said TF Capital, paves the way for innovative collaborations in promoting digital healthcare solutions and homecare services for residential and commercial developments.

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