Indonesia’s Ministry of Health and Google Cloud partner to improve patient outcomes


Indonesia’s Ministry of Health (“Kementerian Kesehatan“) and Google Cloud are partnering to develop generative AI for healthcare, in a collaboration that aims to make healthcare information more accessible and improve patient outcomes.

According to Setiaji Setiaji, Chief of Digital Transformation Office at Kementerian Kesehatan, Google Cloud provides a secure testing environment for healthcare AI innovation and hopes to further apply this technology to enable healthier and more fulfilling lives across the nation. By simplifying systems for healthcare professionals, they can focus better on patient care.

Generative AI on Google Cloud technology offers the right protections for organisations, their users, and the public, a Google Cloud spokesperson stated, adding that the tech giant’s collaboration with Indonesia’s Health Ministry lays the foundation for the development of generative AI solutions. This paves the way for on-demand health access to health information and more accurate diagnoses or treatment plans, while maintaining patient data privacy and security.

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