Pul Alliance DHE and CAHO join forces to advance digital health initiatives in India

Pul Alliance DHE and CAHO sign agreement

Pul Alliance for Digital Health and Equity (“Pul Alliance DHE”), a global non-profit dedicated to serving partner humanitarian worldwide with capacity and capability-building, and Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (“CAHO”), a non-profit seeking to improve the quality and safety of healthcare services in India, have signed an MoU to collaborate on advancing digital transformation initiatives that improve community access to healthcare in India and beyond.

Under the agreement, CAHO has formally joined as a Strategic Partner to help advance Pul Alliance DHE’s mission of improving access to quality health and care for vulnerable communities. Together, both organisations intend to focus on building local capacity and capability to embrace digital transformation and help CAHO advance its mission of improving patient safety across the Indian healthcare system and beyond.

The collaboration will focus on developing joint projects and mobilising strategic funding to strengthen the pillars of digitally enabled, outcomes driven transformation, namely, workforce and education, data and analytics, program development, and digital health.

According to Dr. Manish Kohli MD, Founder and President, Pul Alliance DHE, the agreement is in line with Pul Alliance DHE’s model to partner with and empower in-country organisations and leaders through capacity and capability building. Its strategic partnership will advance digital transformation to foster greater patient safety across the Indian healthcare ecosystem. “Where the world sees challenges, Pul Alliance DHE and CAHO see opportunities, and together we will help build digital bridges for better health, better care, in India and beyond.”

Dr. Vijay Agarwal, President, CAHO, said “The adoption of technology, innovation, and digitalisation will enhance the capacity and capability of our digital health workforce to enable safe, affordable, and accessible care.”

Disclaimer: The author of this content is a co-founder of Pul Alliance for Digital Health and Equity

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