Pul Alliance for Digital Health and Equity launches to empower vulnerable communities

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A new global non-profit dedicated to addressing gaps in the global healthcare system and strengthening vulnerable populations has been launched by healthcare veteran Dr. Manish Kohli and a team of over 25 experts and leaders from diverse backgrounds. Pul Alliance for Digital Health and Equity (“Pul Alliance DHE”) aims to empower underserved communities through digital health solutions in partnership with humanitarian organisations.

Pul Alliance DHE seeks to bolster communities so that they have sustainable, equitable access to quality healthcare and education. Dr. Kohli emphasised the urgent need for such an initiative, stating, “Despite the progress made, half of the world’s 8 billion people still lack access to essential health services. Many NGOs struggle with limited capacity and resources, hindering their ability to reach vulnerable populations. Pul Alliance DHE steps in to bridge these gaps, leveraging the intersection of healthcare and technology to empower communities and foster resilience.”

The non-profit will focus on capacity and capability-building in areas that include digital health, workforce development, impact assessment, and resource mobilisation. Pul Alliance DHE already has strong partners to drive the ecosystem and empower communities, Dr. Kohli explained, pointing to examples of initiatives undertaken to improved access to healthcare in resource-poor settings in Colombia, Lebanon, and Uganda.

Dr. Kohli and other representatives from Pul Alliance DHE will be attending the HIMSS24 global health conference in Orlando in March to shed light on the challenges and opportunities in global healthcare. They will lead a Global Leaders Exchange session titled “Digital Transformation: Addressing Global Health Challenges through Local Solutions” on March 11th, followed by a panel discussion on “Empowerment, Resilience, and Equity Through the Power of Pul Alliance” two days later.

Disclaimer: The author of this content is a co-founder of Pul Alliance for Digital Health and Equity

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5 responses to “Pul Alliance for Digital Health and Equity launches to empower vulnerable communities”

  1. Ramzi Asfour avatar
    Ramzi Asfour

    So excited to be a part of this amazing organization!

  2. Naresh avatar

    This is brilliant

  3. Gurhan Zincircioglu avatar
    Gurhan Zincircioglu

    That is amazing. Congratulations to the team. I am sure Pull Alliance for DHE will gaps.

  4. Vijay avatar

    We at CAHO are looking forward to working with Pul Alliance and make an impact 🙏

  5. Deepak avatar

    This is great. There is tremendous opportunity for improving access to healthcare in underdeveloped communities around the world.

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