MDC to personalise dental care with UCrest’s AI and IoMT platform

Dental hygienist with patient

MDC Asia Link Berhad MDC is set to become the first dental clinic chain in Malaysia to adopt AI and IoMT technologies through an agreement to use digital health company UCrest Berhad‘s iMedic platform as its Clinic Management System.

Using the iMedic digital health platform, dentists and health consultants will develop personalised dental health plans for each patient. AI will diagnose and predict the development of dental diseases, enabling early preventive measures. Patients will have the ability to track vital signs and biomarkers affecting their oral health via a mobile app, managing their dental care plan efficiently.

MDC, one of Malaysia’s largest dental clinic chains, will also integrate a fundus camera with iMedic AILab in its clinics. This technology will enable ophthalmologists to diagnose diabetic retinopathy non-invasively, allowing patients to receive treatment for both periodontal diseases and diabetes simultaneously.

UCrest recently inked an agreement with StayOnline to provide intelligent medical services to patients in sub-Saharan Africa and establish an iMedic Centre of Excellence for digital health located in Rwanda.

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