Fortis Healthcare launches AI-powered Adayu Mindfulness app

Adayu Mindfulness launch

Fortis Healthcare, an Indian for-profit private hospital network, has launched a mental health app, Adayu Mindfulness, in collaboration with deep tech Generative AI company United We Care. The app enables patients to receive personalised assessments from a virtual wellness coach named Stella, using an AI-powered self-assessment tool.

Capable of interacting in over 20 languages and detecting more than 40 human emotions, Stella ensures accurate and empathetic support with advanced intent detection.

Adayu Mindfulness will facilitate virtual connections between patients and a range of specialists, including trained psychiatrists, psychologists, and psycho-oncologists, among others.

According to Dr. Samir Parikh, consultant psychiatrist and chairperson, Fortis National Mental Health Program, Fortis Healthcare, India’s mental health burden is estimated at USD 2-3 billion, with approximately 1 in 8 people estimated to be suffering from a mental health disorder.

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