KPJ Healthcare, Trustr partner to empower patients with Health Wallets and non-invasive tests

KPJ Healthcare and Trustr sign MoU

Malaysian private healthcare group KPJ Healthcare and data-driven digital health company Trustr, headquartered in the United States, have signed an MoU to use Trustr’s AI-driven digital health suite to empower patients in proactively monitoring and managing their wellbeing.

The suite includes a wallet that stores health records for easy access by patients and physicians, and a non-invasive vitals and biomarkers measurement tool that uses facial scanning technology to extract vital health information without the need for visiting a clinic or laboratory for drawing blood for testing.

The collaboration, agreed by KPJ Healthcare through its educational institution KPJ Healthcare, has a wide range of applications, including early disease detection, remote health monitoring, and management of non-communicable diseases. KPJ Healthcare plans to pilot the application of this technology to patients via digital channels and retail facilities once technology validations are completed.

According to KPJ Healthcare president and MD Chin Keat Chyuan, the collaboration marked a significant step towards integrating KPJ and KPJU as part of its plan to create Malaysia’s first private Academic Health System. Trustr’s Ananth Subramanian, Vice Chairman and global CEO of Trusxplus Inc, USA, said that its Health Wallet and AI Vitals tool represented a paradigm shift in how individuals proactively monitor and manage their health.

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