Malaysia’s AI code of ethics and governance guidelines nearing completion

MOSTI building, Malaysia

Malaysia is on track to launch its Artificial Intelligence (AI) code of ethics and governance guidelines by April, according to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). The code, currently 90% complete, will be presented to the Cabinet for approval this month.

“These guidelines are developed specifically for three main categories, namely users and the public, policymakers and providers or developers of AI-based technology.

“In general, it outlines seven principles of responsible AI that can be applied to all three main categories. Compliance with these guidelines can ensure ethical and safe use of AI,” the Ministry reported in a written reply published on the Parliament’s website.

This code aims to promote responsible and ethical use of AI across different sectors. It will address concerns of three main groups: users, policymakers, and developers of AI technology. The document outlines seven key principles for responsible AI development, applicable to all stakeholders. Following these guidelines will ensure the safe and ethical use of AI in Malaysia.

The announcement came in response to a question from a member of parliament regarding the status of the AI code and its alignment with the National Artificial Intelligence Roadmap (2021-2025) during parliamentary sessions last month. MOSTI confirmed a two-week public consultation period held via the Unified Public Consultation portal, concluding on March 8th. This consultation aimed to gather feedback for further refinement before finalisation.

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