Sunway Medical Centre to implement Annalise.ai chest X-ray technology to enhance patient care

Sunway Medical Centre in Penang

Malaysian private quaternary medical care centre Sunway Medical Centre (SMC) is teaming up with Annalise.ai to enhance patient care with AI.

Under the partnership, SMC will integrate Annalise.ai’s Enterprise chest X-ray (CXR) solution into its medical imaging workflow. The solution can detect up to 124 findings on chest X-rays within seconds, enhancing diagnostic speed and accuracy. This will enable rapid triage of cases and prioritisation of urgent ones, ensuring timely intervention and an improved patient experience.

According to Dr. Seow Vei Ken, Chief Executive Officer of SMC, adopting Annalise Enterprise CXR “not only enhances efficiency but also elevates diagnostic accuracy to unprecedented levels.”

Dimitry Tran, co-founder and deputy CEO of Annalise.ai, meanwhile said that the technology will support SMC’s clinical team in enhancing healthcare outcomes for patients and improving operational effectiveness. 

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