TruDoc acquires Wellthy Therapeutics to deliver integrated digital healthcare


TruDoc Healthcare, a leading virtual primary care provider from the UAE, has completed the acquisition of Wellthy Therapeutics, a Mumbai-based company specialising in virtual chronic disease management. This strategic move is aimed at revolutionising healthcare outcomes, quality, and patient experiences across the GCC region. Additionally, it serves as a pivotal step for TruDoc’s expansion into new markets, particularly in India.

Through this acquisition, TruDoc is poised to offer a seamlessly integrated healthcare experience, prioritising patient-centric care. Leveraging TruDoc’s clinical expertise alongside Wellthy Therapeutics’ proficiency in digital health and behavioral science, the collaboration promises to redefine standards in healthcare delivery.

Trudoc, its Chairman Vish Narain explains, envisions a future where primary care is easily accessible, starting with digital platforms, followed by in-home care, with in-clinic visits only when needed. The acquisition is a step towards an integrated care experience tailored to the changing needs of patients and clients.

According to Abhishek Shah, founder of Wellthy Therapeutics, whose mission is to mission is to advance health equity through digital care in all parts of the world, the acquisition will significantly lower healthcare expenses, contribute to savings, and reduce unnecessary hospital and clinic visits, while substantially improving the patient experience.

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