UltraSight teams up with SELVAS Healthcare to bring real-time AI cardiac ultrasound technology to Korea

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Israeli digital health startup UltraSight, which is transforming cardiac imaging through the power of AI, has forged a partnership with SELVAS Healthcare, a Korea-based digital health company with a focus on medical device manufacturing and software.

Under the joint venture, UltraSight will introduce its cardiac imaging technology to Korea, with a long-term vision of expanding its presence throughout Asia. Their software will complement point-of-care ultrasound devices, providing healthcare professionals, even those without prior sonography training, with real-time guidance to acquire diagnostic-quality cardiac ultrasound images.

SELVAS Healthcare will meanwhile maintain exclusive rights to distribute and commercialise UltraSight’s AI cardiac ultrasound technology in Korea. According to CEO Byeong-Tak Yoo, SELVAS Healthcare aims to enhance health screenings in Korea and integrate cardiac monitoring for earlier diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, which have been on the rise in the country over the past decade.

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