MBZUAI collaborates with Indonesian and Oxford teams for healthcare AI research


AI could play a key role in extending health services to underserved and vulnerable communities, according to Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) in Abu Dhabi by revolutionising prevention and diagnosis, and helping develop bespoke medicines while expanding access to care.

A research team at MBZUAI is using machine learning and computer vision to identify cardiovascular disease from CT scans in collaboration with the University of Oxford. The study will identify biomarkers indicating potential heart problems before symptoms show. This AI system aims to assist clinicians by swiftly analysing scans and highlighting areas that need attention. When integrated with portable ultrasound scanning devices, this service has the potential to provide millions with initial cardiovascular assessments worldwide.

Supported by the Reaching the Last Mile initiative, a team of scientists at MBZUAI is developing AI-powered applications to help physicians and public health officials in Indonesia reduce the impact of malaria on the country’s population.

The applications under development perform sensory data fusion, a process combining data from sensors to generate a virtual representation of the environment in the form of a digital twin. This approach provides precise weather forecasting and generates a near real-time representation of the environment, providing officials with detailed information about where malaria outbreaks may occur, and helping authorities to prevent the spread of the disease.

MBZUAI is furthermore working on areas aimed at making treatments more personalised and effective, through genome mapping and partnerships to bring the power of AI to drug discovery and development. Other research projects include a Bio-AI center of excellence in Abu Dhabi and pursuing breakthroughs in AI generated proteins to provide more tailored treatments in the Middle East.

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