Stella Technology enables AI-powered transcription for patient conversations

Stella Equinox

San Jose-based digital health company Stella Technology has integrated its flagship EMR, practice management, and RCM solution Stella Equinox with an AI-powered feature called Equinox Ambient Listening (NLP) in Dubai. The innovative technology enables physicians to dedicate more time to patient care by transcribing their interactions accurately.

Stella Equinox is specifically designed for emerging markets and the MENA region, offering support for English, Arabic, and French languages. With Ambient Listening, it features intelligent recording capabilities that seamlessly capture patient interactions with a 90% accuracy rate. Physicians are provided with complete transcriptions and structured data, including the history of present illness (HPI), chief complaint, observation notes, patient instructions, and patient education.

According to Khalid Ghaloua Adine, CEO Emerging Markets at Stella Technology, Ambient Listening empowers healthcare professionals to review notes, make necessary adjustments, and apply them to patient examinations or visits.

“Our AI-enabled approach revolutionises the way healthcare professionals interact with EMRs,” he explained. “Providers will be able to save significant time before, during and after examinations, allowing them to have meaningful conversations with their patients while also increasing their patients volume.”

Stella Technology has additionally launched an AI-enabled WhatsApp bot, enabling patients to schedule appointments directly through the app. While currently supporting English, ongoing research and development efforts are aimed at making the solution accessible to French and Arabic speakers as well.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Stella Technology’s core team compromises professionals who have designed, built, procured, implemented and run more than 60 regional and private HIE initiatives across the United States, bringing years of interoperability and systems integration experience.

The company is actively pursuing further innovations in healthcare aimed at enhancing the clinician experience and enabling them to concentrate more on delivering care. “We are currently exploring several other exciting AI use cases for the future,” said Adine.

Stella Technology meanwhile plans to deploy Stella Equinox, currently operational in the UAE, Egypt, Senegal, and Gabon, in Saudi Arabia in the third quarter of 2024.

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