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Emirates Health Services unveils AI blood-drawing robot and virtual nurse

UAE-based Emirates Health Services (EHS) unveiled this week at Arab Health 2024 in Dubai a blood-drawing robot that uses AI and infrared imaging, a virtual nurse, and a generative AI-based symptom diagnosis system, among other projects.

Described by EHS as the first of its kind in the Middle East, the blood-drawing robot – the latest healthtech innovation to be added to its healthcare facilities – holds 56 patents in five different areas, with three more patents pending accreditation, covering internal systems and technologies.

According to Dr. Yousif Mohammed Alserkal, Director-General of EHS, AI has revolutionised healthcare and has become a fundamental pillar in improving the quality of medical services and enhancing comprehensive healthcare. The use of medical robots will enhance precision and speed, while minimising risks, and allow medical teams to focus on value-added activities.

In addition, EHS introduced an AI-powered virtual nurse that is designed to simulate a human nurse’s behaviours through the use of clinical algorithms. The virtual nurse, which can be accessed through platforms including the EHS app and interactive kiosks, contains more than 10,000 diagnoses symptoms, and can understand and respond to patient inquiries, offer medical advice, and assist in case assessment and triage.

EHS’ generative AI-based symptom diagnosis system meanwhile is aimed at simplifying the patient journey and improving the productivity and efficiency of healthcare providers. The system assists in analysing symptoms, the booking of appointments by using generative AI to capture patient symptoms, verifying potential diagnoses, and proposing appropriate specialties for scheduling appointments.

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