APAC patients ‘comfortable’ with AI-powered healthcare delivery

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A new survey conducted by Bain & Company shows post-COVID telehealth penetration growth slowing yet persisting across Asia-Pacific. Conducted in Q4 2023, the survey sought to uncover consumer-centric trends in healthcare consumption across the region. Its earlier surveys pinpointed a huge leap in telehealth adoption, which nearly doubled between 2019 and 2021 across APAC.

Bain & Company’s report, “Asia-Pacific Front Line of Healthcare 2024,” demonstrates a notable rise in healthtech adoption in APAC in recent years. Consumers are increasingly embracing smart wearables, providing health data to a wide range of players, and integrating AI into healthcare for improved access and outcomes.

In comparison to 2019, only 22% of APAC respondents used telehealth services with human doctors on the virtual platform. By 2023, over 50% felt comfortable with AI-powered healthcare delivery, including AI-only care and AI-enabled healthcare providers, particularly for preventive, wellness, and less severe conditions.

The survey also identified growing trust in non-traditional healthcare delivery channels, including digital-first players. Around 70% of consumers in India, Indonesia, and China expressed trust in digital health and tech companies for their healthcare needs.

In response to the new digital norms, offline heritage healthcare providers are also doubling down on digital capabilities. In India and Indonesia, provider-owned apps from longtime healthcare players have nearly tripled their active monthly users in the past three years.

Responding to these digital shifts, traditional healthcare providers are enhancing their digital capabilities. In India and Indonesia, provider-owned apps from established healthcare entities have tripled their active monthly users over the past three years.

The report further highlights emerging technologies like robotics, AR/VR for training, and generative AI for diagnosis and administrative efficiency improvements, which can significantly enhance healthcare delivery across APAC.

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