Saigon’s FV Hospital launches Myopia Control Program using AI to predict myopia risk in children

FV Hospital

FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has launched a Myopia Control Program for children aged 3-18 with the support of the Myopia Master Measurements for Myopia Management. The programme will screen for myopia risks, predict future myopia levels, and provide a myopia control plan for children to prevent the risk of dangerous eye diseases caused by refractive errors.

Myopia Master Measurements integrates technologies including AI to predict and analyse the progression of myopia in each child until the age of 18. Based on these results, FV Hospital doctors will provide tailored myopia control protocols and monitor the results at each follow-up appointment.

Additional Myopia Master Measurements technologies include a modern and precise refractive measurement system designed to be easy to use for preschool-aged children. A Pentacam machine meanwhile captures maps of the front and back of the cornea, evaluates corneal curvature, thickness, and condition, and detects congenital corneal diseases. 

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