HIMSS24: Digital health partnerships expected to empower communities

Pul Alliance DHE's integrated framework

Pul Alliance for Digital Health and Equity (“Pul Alliance DHE”) speakers at HIMSS24 highlighted their mission to empower underserved communities through enabling sustainable access to improved health, care, education, and livelihoods, while emphasising the importance of partnership.

Participating in a panel discussion on Wednesday, they shared case studies of their partnership efforts in different countries worldwide.

Dr. Manish Kohli, among the co-founders of the non-profit present, highlighted how Pul Alliance DHE will help partners to become digitally enabled and allow them to better serve their communities. “Where people see challenges we see opportunities,” he reiterated. 

Bogi Eliasen, Director of Health at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, echoed this, saying, “We want to provide people with the tools to fish, not the fish.”

Gabriela Mustata Wilson, PhD, MSc, FHIMSS, SNAI, FIAHSI, Professor and Co-Director, Multi-Interprofessional Center for Health Informatics at The University of Texas, stressed the importance of collaboration: “We are better together. Let’s share stories, and only by sharing can we all work together to solve problems.”

Tom Judd, Liaison Director at Global Clinical Engineering Alliance, meanwhile highlighted how the non-profit will drive transformative change: “We now have the infrastructure to drive change through Pul Alliance DHE.”

Presentations were shared by humanitarian organizations, including Patrulla Aérea Civil Colombiana, whose CEO Pamela Estrada Ocampo described how volunteers are enabling essential medical care for the vulnerable in Colombia. By partnering with Pul Alliance DHE, they hope to extend their reach from intermittent care provision to enabling ongoing care.

Deborah Aloyo, Biomedical Programs and Operations Manager at Gould Family Foundation in Uganda explained how Pul Alliance DHE can support their maternal and child health programs in the African country, while in his video Vijay Agarwal, President of CAHO- Consortium of Accredited Health care Organisation in India outlined how Pul Alliance DHE is working with CAHO to improve the nation’s digital health workforce capability.

Representatives from Pul Alliance DHE took part in a panel discussion earlier in the week on addressing global health challenges through local solutions.

Disclaimer: The author of this content is a co-founder of Pul Alliance for Digital Health and Equity.

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