MEASAT, Mudah Healthtech to offer telehealth to rural communities in Sabah

Kundasang and Kinabalu, Sabah

Satellite communications service provider MEASAT Global Berhad and Mudah Healthtech have signed an MoU to launch 2,000 Sihat XPress smart telehealth kiosks at Kampung Togop Darat 1 in Sabah, Malaysia, within the next two years. Powered by CONNECTme NOW high-speed satellite broadband, the smart kiosks will bring telehealth to a million residents in underserved rural communities.

Under the agreement, local clinics will be equipped with telehealth capabilities, allowing rural residents to conduct self-checks for vital health signs such as oxygen levels, blood pressure, and body weight. At least 1,000 doctors will be available to support residents with teleconsultations for non-emergency medical issues.

According to Mudah Healthtech CEO Datuk Dr. Kantha Rasalingham, the nearest clinic can be up to two hours away by road, with transportation sometimes unavailable to reach the facility. This project furthermore aligns with Malaysia’s national objectives to digitalise all healthcare facilities by 2030 and enable equal access to quality healthcare services.

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