Hospitals in Asia join Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect to improve treatments with diverse clinical data

Global representatives from Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect

Seoul National University Hospital and SingHealth in South Korea and Singapore, respectively, have joined UC Davis Health, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Mayo Clinic, Mercy, Sheba Medical Center and University Health Network (UHN) as founding members of Mayo Clinic Platform’s distributed data network, Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect.

Each partner of Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect brings clean, curated, de-identified data to help improve patient care by providing a new healthcare architecture to enable more tailored medicine, healthcare products, digital services and solutions based on AI.

The de-identified clinical data brought by each member is related to complex and rare health conditions, a wide range of treatments and therapies, and representation from diverse global regions, critical to improve accuracy, reduce model bias, and create more diverse, and stronger, treatment recommendations for patients.

According to Young Tae Kim, M.D., president and CEO of Seoul National University Hospital, the data will enable more precise and more diverse healthcare as it’s collected from different races and regions, ultimately accelerating innovation in medical systems.

SingHealth hopes to unlock new insights to accelerate research, innovate care and optimise clinical impact and outcomes for patients in Singapore and beyond, according to its deputy group CEO, Research, Education and Innovation, Professor Lim Soon Thye.

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