NRHI, CGMH in Taiwan adopt NVIDIA systems to localise healthcare AI

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Leading healthcare organisations in Taiwan are using NVIDIA hardware for LLM training, among other needs, according to the semiconductor giant.

Taiwan’s National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) uses six NVIDIA DGX A100 hardware and software platforms for cloud and data center services, with a focus on biomedical model training and genomic analysis. The non-profit highlighted the need for localised solutions owing to the challenges including language presented by Taiwanese medical records and genomic data.

NHRI is also using AI to predict the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular conditions by analysing genetic and environmental parameters.

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) is meanwhile using NVIDIA H100, A100, and other Tensor Core GPUs. These technologies may be used in CGMH applications that include a clinical decision support system, a patient interaction system, medical imaging, precision medicine, and the expansion of AI services.

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