WEF and BCG launch Digital Healthcare Transformation Initiative


The World Economic Forum’s Centre for Health and Healthcare and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) have released a January 2024 insight report, Transforming Healthcare: Navigating Digital Health with a Value-Driven Approach, while simultaneously launching the multi-year Digital Healthcare Transformation Initiative.

The report is based on consultations since June 2023 with over 80 leading organizations around the world to understand how we can build an ecosystem which allows digital and AI-driven health to thrive and move us toward a better vision for healthcare which is more effective, efficient, equitable and accessible.

It highlights the urgent need for concerted collaboration to scale up digital solutions and address healthcare’s interconnected challenges of resource scarcity, chronic diseases, and inequitable access.

The Digital Healthcare Transformation Initiative will meanwhile harness the untapped power of digital solutions to help address the host of pressing, interconnected challenges straining the global healthcare system. The joint effort will foster international collaboration around promising new digital tools, such as AI, to reshape patient care and improve system inefficiencies worldwide.

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